I was fortunate enough to gain a scholarship and graduated from the highly
acclaimed Italia Conti School of Performing Arts. This helped to mould me into the
competitive and passionate person that I am today. They say that recruitment is like
‘marmite’ and that you will know within the first 6 months whether or not it’s for you and here I am 12 years later thoroughly loving the job I do. I have been totally committed to the industry from the day I joined.

I have specialised in both commercial and logistics recruitment, running both
temporary and permanent disciplines. Once I had entered the world of candidates
and clients I found my niche and have never looked back!

For the past 5 years I have managed a team of professional top performing
consultants and now I’m ready to take ‘being a master of my craft’ to the next level and set up my own recruitment business using the skills and experience I have gained under the umbrella of FrossellDowning Recruitment.

Away from the day job I try to strike a work life balance between my beautiful son
Teddy, my family and my passion for well-being.

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